awakened woman, be patient…


There is no falling in love, there is only rising in love. The universe bringing together, two whole souls whom accept both the light and the dark of one another, whom uphold and challenge one another to be and become their higher self. Rising in love in every moment, not just the first moment. Experiencing the first kiss, in every kiss.

Connecting as finite humans and infinite beings, not only having physical and mental attraction in the 3D realm, but a deeper formless attraction in every other dimension, simultaneously. Intimacy, begins in the physical form, and extends infinitely through the formless and eternal, the one and all, taking not only your body and mind to ecstasy, but your soul and source.

Your presence is effortless and sharp and you listen with every intent to understand rather than to respond. Your consistent flowing river of love is gifted in every moment with no expectation of anything in return. You ask of nothing, and offer all. When the two wholes sit in this seat, a bond deeper then Earths core is wound. Only love and light is offered when flaws begin to show and ego begins to rise… “I will only heal, I will never judge”

Souls eternally sealed with a gaze into each other’s infinitely deep eyes, the universe experiencing its love in form… and celebrating this manifestation through intimate affection, care and presence.

Each soul found self, before they found each other. Unconditional love was established deep within self, boundaries had begun burning, limitations had been crushed, and fears are being faced, all in Oneness and complete surrender.

When two halves come together, to fall in love, damage can be done. Without wholeness; fear, greed and desire cloud action. Situations are misinterpreted creating incessant moments of conflict, misguided action; distorted understanding and all are reflection of self and a lack of unconditional love of self. Each being should focus only on what they have in common, rather than their differences. If there is a difference of energy and wavelength, accept what is, there no need to change yourself, or them. Let it go, and let it be.

Real men undress the consciousness before he undresses the body. Caressing her mind, interested in her every thought and vision. Women, be patient, wait for a man who makes love to your every word and who doesn’t cower with intimidation at the strength of your vision and your Divine feminine energy. Be with a man who embraces your strength and power, and takes it as an opportunity to step into more of his. Be patient, for the man who salivates at undressing and caressing your limitations and boundaries with care, so you can flower and blossom in the garden of his warrior heart. Be patient for a man who offers warm and strong arms, in the winter of your weakest moments, a man who stands firm and certain in the wildest of your storms. Be patient for a man who sees your spring, during your autumn, and your summer during your winter. Be patient for a man, who loves all your seasons and holds no fear of the unknown and never turns his back. A man who loves unconditionally, entirely and wholly. Be patient for a man who trembles with desire to see your bare soul, instead of your bare body.

Be a woman who hears a man’s desires, feels a man’s trust and tastes a man’s love before they’re expressed. Heal his silent fears so his strength can be loud; care for his beating heart so his mind can be still. Comfort his soul with your light energy, bringing flow to his realm. Be considerate of his creative and emotional expression; embrace his softness so he can embrace his power. Be a woman who feeds a man’s passions with your gentle strength and intimacy. Listen so he can speak… Trust in him, to protect you from your fear. Understand and respect his seat upon which he sits in his kingdom so you can dance and sing in your forest. Surrender to his touch and bring to manifest his every sexual dream and desire.

Do not look for this man. The more you look, the more you will not see. The more you desire him, the more you ache. He comes only when you are ready. When you are whole. When you love yourself completely, entirely, infinitely and unconditionally.

You will grow together, forever upholding each other’s highest and deepest self, simultaneously being acutely aware of ones own deepest desires, fears, and inhibitions… forever being transparent and true. Make his dreams, your dreams… and a real man will make your dreams, his dreams. Forgive often, never bring up the past, remain entirely present, and together with an authentic fulfilling connection you will dream of your future.

Know yourself, look within. Know your weakness and know your strengths. Know your desires and know your fears. Know your self-worth and never drop your standard. Laugh at the superfluous and let only your beauty shine through. Know that at any given moment, you could never be alone, because you always have you. Love yourself so you find a man worthy. Your body is a vessel for the divine, focus on your inner world, and the outer will flow.

The universe will only bring to you that which you’re ready for, that which will either be a lesson or a blessing. Know when to walk away from the learnt lesson, and know when you stay and heal the blessing. The universe decides who comes into your life, but only you can decide who stays. Ride the incessant glistening waves of life’s oceans with dignity, strength and certainty… and in times of unknown, take your certainty with you.

Ladies, be patient for man who proves what he says, because if he can’t show it or prove it, his words are weightless. Be patient, for a man who honors and worships the ground your Divinity walks upon so you can give this man the world. Our deepest desire as humans is for the feminine and masculine union, until there is complete honor between two people, there cannot be a Divine union.

Lexi xx

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