your sunnies are crusty and outdated….


A little while ago I wrote an article explaining how we create our reality through emotions that we consciously impress onto the subconscious. The article was called “Darling, just fucking own it.” … The title says it all, right?

In short, the article stated that the beginning of our reality originates with a conscious idea, or thought. This thought is then impressed onto the subconscious through a feeling, or an emotion.

Important note: The subconscious mind is not selective. This means, what you can consciously conceive to be right or wrong, hers or his, good or bad, the subconscious cannot. It doesn’t know you or me, it doesn’t know right or wrong, or separation, it’s ALL things, you are me and I am you and we are everything.

Once the initial conscious thought has generated a feeling, or an emotion, that feeling is accepted as true and real by the subconscious. The subconscious contemplates the idea as fact, and then proceeds to give it expression (proceeds to bring it into your reality).

After the exciting and overwhelming tsunami of messages and emails I received after the article was posted, I noticed a common question that was being asked.

“…but how are our thoughts created in the first place, and how does that thought create an emotion?”


Now that is a bloody good question!


Before I begin, the average focused attention span of an adult is less than 10 minutes, so in this article I will only cover ‘thoughts’, and will cover ‘emotions’ in another. What drives me to do what I do is the fact that we are NOT taught this ‘stuff’ in school and this information is only available to the minority of people who have the finances to afford Anthony Robbins seminars, NLP Coaching courses, Life Coaching, or a fortress of Self Development Books etc… My heart burns with intense passion knowing that the MAJORITY cannot (yet) afford these courses, which is why I write and share what I know for free. So PLEASE feel free to send this on to as many people as you know!!! Not for me, but for HUMANITY!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

So, sit tight… and get comfortable.

WARNING: Due to the length and the extreme epicness of what you’re about to read, you might like to consider pausing right now to make yourself a tea… Or maybe even pour a wine…


“You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are”

– Herb Cohen.

What this means is, your reality is a reflection of your mind. No different to when you step in front of a mirror, the reflection you see is you.

In the case of the quote though; the mirror is your reality, and what you ‘see’ in that mirror, is what you’re experiencing in your reality. And just like you can pull faces at yourself in the mirror to create a different image, you can ‘pull’ or ‘create’ different thoughts to experience a different reality… And just as easy too!

Some of you might now say… “But you can’t control your thoughts! Sometimes I can think for hours and I don’t like what I’m thinking but I can’t help it!”

Well, the thoughts in your mind, you create, and are completely in your control. And this is why…

(About the time you’ll wish you made that tea / poured that wine)

Every single second, you are receiving approximately 20million bits of information (some new research shows it could now over 100million!) through your five senses.

– Five senses: Visual (see), Gustatory (taste), Olfactory (smell), Audio (hear), Kinaesthetic (touch)

Now you must be thinking… “20 million bits of information would be impossible to process! How on EARTH am I receiving that much information!”
Well, just like a computer would crash if there were too many programs open, the mind would also crash. What happens is the mind deletes, distorts and generalises the 20 million bits of information to a mere 7 chunks, so the brain can easily function.

So… what determines what gets deleted, distorted & generalised?

Your 7 internal filters:

–       beliefs & values

–       attitude

–       language

–       time/space/matter/energy

–       memories

–       decisions

–       meta programs


From these 7 filters, your thoughts and experience of reality is created.

In this article, I’m only going to get specific about one of the filters; ‘Language’… Otherwise… Well… you’ll need more then one glass of red, put it that way!


Also too, my aim is to keep this article as simple, and as easy to read and understand as possible. My intention is for you to read this, and understand not only the power of your mind, but feel an intense sense of passion and desire to take action and responsibility for your life. You have INFINITE amounts of power, inside your vessel, your body. Harness this power and create YOUR dream life, under YOUR terms. BOOM!


Ok, back to the filters…

Think of this set of filters like a pair of sunnies. You’re standing in front of the mirror, seeing you’re reality, through these sunnies. And you can pull ANY face you want in this reality, seen through this set of sunnies.

Depending on the quality of the sunnies, you might have a really shitty view of what you’re seeing or on the other hand, if you have a good quality pair of sunnies, you may enjoy what you’re seeing!!

So where did you get your sunnies?

These sunnies, you’ve worn since you were born. They were first developed, influenced and shaped in the first 7 years of you life by those closest to you, unconsciously through conditioning and programming. Usually by parents, brothers or sisters, aunties or uncles, school teachers or religious leaders…

Meaning, in your community of people, you take on a certain set of values and beliefs, you learn a language and how to speak a certain way, what words a considered ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘rude’ or ‘polite’ etc… You create memories every day and see decisions being made as well as making your own; you begin to create this entire book of rules in your mind, mostly without even knowing.

So, of the 20 million bits of information coming to you every second, the sunnies will delete some info, distort some info and generalise some info. Leaving only 7 chunks of information…

But this is the thing…

Approx 98% of humanity don’t even know that they’re wearing sunnies! Let alone, where they’re from and what they’re made of!


So people live their entire lives with a set of filters (sunnies), that Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa past onto them, thinking, “This is how life is supposed to be.” … Some people have really scratched lenses, maybe some crusty gunk stuck to them, and don’t enjoy what they’re seeing in their mirror as much as the people with a high quality set of sunnies. Sadly, due to the lack of education our ‘education’ system provides, the majority of people think that this is the set of sunnies they’re stuck with for life.

Well I’m here to tell you, ummmmm NO! Life does NOT have to be ordinary. Life does NOT have to be boring, normal and uninteresting.

We live in a playground of infinite possibilities. What the mind can conceive, the man can achieve. You can live whatever life you choose!

The difference between you and that rock star/superstar you dreamt of being as a child is YOUR SET OF SUNNIES!


So let’s recap on how these sunnies effect our reality… 20 millions bits are received through the senses every second, this information is deleted distorted and generalised but our filters (sunnies) and we’re left with 7 (plus or minus 2) chunks of information. So, wouldn’t you agree, that our filters play a VERY BIG part in the creation of our reality? And wouldn’t you agree that THIS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN SCHOOL CURRICULIM! (But of course, why would the system want an educated population, god forbid should we not live a life based on fear and cease conformity and consumption of unnecessary goods! That wouldn’t help the capitalism and the economy at ALL!)

…. I hope you caught my glimpse of EXTREME sarcasm there…

I believe our language is our most powerful tool. When I understood and harnessed the power behind the spoken word, my life went from stagnant, normal, kind of exciting, but not really… to full of excitement and adventure. I USED language, to get what I wanted, and it worked.

I’m going to explain the power of language as simply as I can with out getting too technical… In extreme simple terms, when you speak a word or a phrase, a set of neural-pathways fire up in your brain. (There is approximately 100 billion neurons in your brain!) And thus your perception is formed which creates your experience of reality.

The neural pathways associated with words you don’t speak often, or actions you don’t do often etc, are very small, thin, pathways. The words you speak all the time, and the actions you do all the time (habits!) have highway-like neural pathways in the brain. The more you do of something, the stronger the neural pathway is and the easier it is to do.

When you say “I can’t do it.” The neuron associated with “I can’t do it” Gets stronger and stronger. And when you say “I can’t do it” with emotion and feeling… As it says in the article ‘Darling, just fucking own it’, this instruction is them impressed onto the subconscious as TRUE, and the subconscious being your faithful servant, brings forth your instruction into your reality.


…Think about that for a minute…

Likewise if I say “I am powerful beyond measure and I have infinite amounts of capabilities and can be, do and have what ever it is that I choose.” … Said with feeling and emotion, is impressed upon the subconscious, and of course manifested into your reality.

(Please, if you haven’t yet read ‘Darling just fucking own it.’ Do yourself a favor, pour another tea/wine and get into it… It nails the power of your subconscious mind!)


Here is an example of how language creates our reality…

Example: Listen to Yoda

It was my good mate Yoda who said “Do or do not, there is no try”


Go get a pen and put it in front of you…

Now try and pick it up… (seriously…I want you to do this…)

I said try and pick it up….

No, I said TRY and pick it up….

GO ON! TRY and pick it up!

I’m serious!!! TRY AND PICK IT UP!!!

I didn’t say pick it up… I said TRY and pick it up…

Come on!!!! TRY and pick it UP!!!

Frustrated yet?

You cannot TRY and do ANYTHING! You either pick up the pen, or you don’t. When you use the word try in your language, your brain goes effin’ mental. It’s screaming at you. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN TRY! I CAN’T TRY!” The word try creates an incredible dense and tight sensation inside of you… Your subconscious cannot give you what you want… Because ‘try’ is neither yes nor no, it is not specific at all.

It’s like a waitress asking you what you want and you sitting there in silence going red in the face…

If I say: “I’m TRYING to eat healthy” … My subconscious is going to give me neither, healthy eating OR unhealthy eating… I’ll constantly ebb-and-flow between the two, never getting anywhere…


Unfortunately we grow up thinking that “this is how I’ll always be”, that the mind is a machine and because ‘I couldn’t do something once, I will never be able to do it’, or ‘because I’m shy, I will always be shy’, or ‘because I’m not good at Math, I will never be good at math’.

Well my dear friends, I have some wonderful news for you!! The brain is in fact NOT a machine; it is TOTALLY reprogrammable and rewireable.

(For those of you interested in a REALLY good book, get your hands on ‘The Brain that changes itself’ by Norman Doidge)

Every child is born confident, lack of worth and lack of confidence is LEARNT along the way. Every child is born with the abilities, skills & talents to be EXTRAORDINARY… Only YOU decided what traits to keep and what not to keep. If it serves you, keep it. If it’s holding you back from experiencing and achieving that which you are ALL deserving of, get rid of it. It’s YOUR choice.

I can quite confidently say, it took me as little as 12 months to turn my life on its head, shake out the shit, turn it back up, fill it with goodness and live the most delicious life I could ever had dreamt of.

Here are a handful of words to bring into your awareness, on your journey of “shaking out the shit”. If you implement these SIMPLE learning’s, your life will COMPLETELY change for the better! The first step to creating change is AWARENESS! Now that you are aware, you’re going to hear it not only in your language, but also in those around you…


  1. TRY…

Just get rid of it… When you catch your self using the world, mentally delete what you’ve just said, and reword the phrase and speak it out loud correctly… This way, you’ll weaken certain neural pathways that don’t serve you and strengthen others.


  1. YET…

We all say ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I don’t have any’ etc. Remember I said your brain is no different to that rock stars brain? It’s just your out-dated crusty sunnies? Yes, well… If you want to be a [insert whatever you want to be here] and you say “But I’m not a ____” … Guess what, you will never be “______”. You subconscious will not give you something you say you’re not. However, I can’t really go around saying “I AM a neuroscientist’ (because people already think I’m nutts!) but I CAN say “I am not a neuroscientist YET!” … Yet is one of the most powerful words in the human language… Sit on this one: “I don’t have the money… YET!” … What happens in your mind is nothing other then miraculous… The phrase becomes open-ended and creates HUGE access to possibility. Where by when you say “I don’t have it.” You completely shut out ANY possibility of you ever having it! Your subconscious shrug it’s invisible godly shoulders and says “Meh. Suit yourself!” … And doesn’t proceed to give it to you.


  1. I AM…

Woaaah! This one’s a biggie. You’d be surprised how many times you use this in a day!

I am tired. I am hungry. I am not good at singing. I am not very smart. I am not a fast reader. I am really bad at running. I am too fat. I am too skinny. I am not pretty. I am ugly. I am unhealthy. I am. I am. I am.

These words hold an incredible amount of power.

When you say I am, it is true.

Be prepared to own and claim what ever you place after these words for they WILL become who you are.

Next time you hear yourself use the words I am… If they’re followed by words that do not serve you, mentally delete what you’ve said and RE-SAY that phrase. Eg: I am tired to I AM FULL OF ENERGY!

The last step and probably the most important step…



If you don’t like what you see, change it. If you can’t be eff’d changing it, then don’t complain about not having the results you want in your life.

It’s like wanting to be healthy but eating cake for breakfast, a burger and large fries for lunch, and pizza for dinner and complaining about your health.

You have, right now, in your hot little hands a smart phone, or a computer… Which contains enough knowledge, if accessed, to be the richest, smartest, most successful human on earth. But it’s conditioning from your past, coupled with the current programing of the mind through the media plus a dash of severe laziness, that make you think you can’t have that, and that maybe you should just turn the TV on, and continued getting brain washed… -_-


Get curious, get inquisitive, ask questions… Your reality IS a reflection of your mind, and if you’re looking through shitty sunnies, you’re going to have a really shitty view of the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you and miss the infinite amount of possibilities offered on a silver platter to you every day.


Your brain is where the conductor of you reality sits. Maybe it’s time to ask it some questions? Maybe its time to become curious about your language…

And we haven’t even TOUCHED on any of the other filters…


Lexi xx



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