Peace does not come from the barrel of a gun…


You’d think after hundreds of years of our ‘leaders’ running countries… They’d figure it out. You can’t create peace, with war. You create peace, with peace.

So it leaves one big question. Are they SO stupid, that they refuse to see the truth of the situation (that what they’re doing, CLEARLY DOESNT WORK), or are they simply maintaining an industry that creates ENORMOUS amounts of profits, and an even larger amount of sadness, separation, fear and death? (And thus conformity and consumption… then of course, more profits…)

The military and the core funding establishments are the greatest source of violence in the world. As his holiness the Dalai Lama said… “These vast powerful organizations exist solely to kill human beings… we have been brainwashed. War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering.” But of course we’re conditioned to believe, that because they’re legal organizations, that they’re ones to trust, admire and accept as truth.

Simply put, war is legalised crime and organised murder… An industry maintained for HUGE profits and mind control.

Peace, harmony and oneness CAN NOT come from the barrel of a gun… How many wars must this earth endure for our ‘leaders’ to see this? How many more men must we loose, before their fellow men realize, this method doesn’t work? How many more ‘leaders’ and military officials, are going to turn a blind eye to the obvious truth that war doesn’t create peace?

And those who believe world peace cannot be obtained through nonviolent means are the very reason, we are still at war. It is neither absurd nor impossible…

For those of us who believe in peace, in REAL peace… We must remain the beacons of light during earths darkness. Be the voice of love and light, amidst the voices of violence, hatred and fear. Continue to stand for truth, remain peaceful, and have only compassion for those who are IN the system, and can’t see past it.

You cannot create peace with war. You create peace with peace.

**Please note. This message is not to undermine, offend or devalue what our military MEN have done to ‘serve’. I have had (and still have some) family serving, but this only makes me more passionate about this message.



Lexi xx

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