Humanity has forgotten its higher purpose.


Every cell in your body has a higher purpose. It serves the entire living structure of your being. Your body, when it is at it’s optimal level of health, is because all cells are working together in harmony. One cell at one end of the body can clearly communicate with cells on the other end of your body and when one cell is sick, or out of resonance, all the other cells comes together to heal it.

You are a cell. The earth is a being.
And our earth is sick.

Humanity has forgotten its higher purpose.

Its time to heal; love, have compassion, give without any expectation of receiving, observe your thoughts and expand your awareness. Meditate, don’t medicate, and your body will naturally come back to it’s natural harmonic resonance with nature, it will heal you, those around you and this Earth. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d really love my grand kids to enjoy the beauty this universe has to give. 

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