“I am deep in suffering and in pain… I have lost my inner peace.”


For starters, your inner peace is not lost, so you cannot ‘find’ it, because you already have it, because you ARE it.

The challenge we have with suffering, is that habitually we try to avoid it. We’ve grown up thinking that it’s a ‘bad’ thing that should be dodged or escaped, or maybe it means that something is going ‘wrong’ and needs to be fixed.

All of this couldn’t be further from the truth. And it is this misconception that holds people in the cycle of suffering.

Quite the opposite is true; suffering is one of our greatest gifts, if not THE greatest!

Each moment is full of meaning, no matter what the circumstance may be. If there is meaning in all of life, there is also meaning in all of suffering, as suffering is an inseparable and integral part of life, it is guaranteed. Without suffering (and death), life is not complete.

In suffering lies one of life’s greatest gifts; exponential growth, IF you choose. The way in which we accept your suffering (with bravery or as a victim) will give us the opportunity to either make use of, or forgo these great gifts. And thus, will determine whether we will remain deep in our suffering and create a downward spiral, or reconnect with our flow and that sense of inner peace we all intensely desire.


~ The first thing:

is to recognise that this pain is not something that needs to be avoided, or means there is something ‘wrong’ that needs to be fixed. It is a gift from the universe. Remember that the universe works WITH us and FOR us, never against us.

If there is never any challenge in life, we never grow. And what happens if something isn’t growing? Yep, it dies. Beginning to walk for the first time, was not easy… But each time you feel, you got back up! Challenges are gifts, because they are the door way to the next step in your life’s evolution. Everyone has these gifts, but not everyone opens them…


~ The second thing:

is to recognise that it’s OK to feel this way, and to let the emotions rise and fall, and feel without judgement. Our emotions are the language of our spirit.  So let your spirit speak freely.


~ The third thing:

is to take full responsibility for the way you feel. Externalising any of your feelings and emotions will keep you in this suffering.

What this means is, if you feel a certain way, its because of you, not because of anyone or anything else. Blaming someone else for the way you feel is ‘externalising’ your emotions, and not taking responsibility. What happens on the outside is the EFFECT, and the CAUSE of that effect is what comes from within. What happens on the outside is the EVENT, and what causes the emotions OF that event, is the MEANING you have attached to that event. Emotions are created by chemicals released in the brain, but these chemicals aren’t spontaneously released, they must first be instructed to be released. During a situation which would normally make you upset, upon witnessing such an event, you’ll (either from habitual thinking or conscious thinking) think “this makes me upset” … Which is the exact instruction your brain needs, to release these chemicals. You cannot control certain situations or what other people say or do, what you CAN control however, is how you react, think and feel towards them.

Change your meaning, you change your world.


~ The fourth thing:

is to recognise the positive learning, there is always one 🙂 Write it down and learn from it. The universe ONLY gives you what you need and what you are ready for in order for you to become a better version of yourself, and to align yourself with who you truly are… If you’re being challenged, it’s because you need to learn something that this challenge brings. Face it fearlessly, without judgement and filled with gratitude. The more something challenges (upsets) you, the more it is meant for you. When it no longer challenges (upsets) you, it is because the lessons complete, and it is no longer needed.


Is there something reoccurring in your life that brings you suffering/pain? The universe will continue to put you in this situation until you have learnt the lessons that are required for your transcendence. Dig deep!!! There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a positive learning, no matter how painful the circumstance! Sit in silence and ask your spirit; “what can I appreciate about this?” – “What is a positive learning I can take from this?” And listen with your heart, not with your mind… The answer will come. Silence the voice in your mind and you’ll hear the voice of your heart. In stillness, the universe speaks.


~ The fifth:

is to give gratitude for the situation you endured, for the suffering that followed, and for the positive learning you received as a result. It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.


~ The sixth:

is then to come back to now. 🙂 When you are present, there can be no fear and no pain. Pain requires you to live in the past, fear requires you to live in the future, and inner peace requires you to live in the present.

Time does not exist in the present,  because time requires TWO moments, in order for it to be measured. Even 1 second, is a measurement of one MOMENT to another MOMENT. Fear and pain needs time to exist, so to let go of fear, and to let go of pain, you need to let go of time. And the only place you can let go of time, is in the present, because the present is timeless.

The present is only one moment, not two; it cannot be measured. Time, is just forever unfolding moments of now, and now, is timeless and thus, painless and fearless.

There can be no pain in the present.

Meditate, and focus on your breath. Give gratitude for ALL of it. For every person involved, for every place visited, for every emotion experienced and for every lesson learned.

You already ARE peace, you already ARE spirit, you already ARE whole and complete.




~ The seventh step:

is to understand and embrace your personal power. The more you think of something you do not like, the more you will create that which you do not like. You are an energy vortex, and the universe can only and will only, match your vibration. Like a magnet. If you’re resonating with fear or sadness the universe can only give you more fear or more sadness. However if you’re vibrating and resonating with excitement, love and gratitude, the universe will give you exactly that! It matches your energy field.

The fact that human beings are given complete control over nothing, other than the POWER to THINK their own thoughts, is LADEN with significance! USE this power to your advantage, or it will use you.

The subconscious can, must and WILL actualize anything that is conceived and felt by you. That is the job of this faithful servant and that is why YOU have the power.

The universe can only, and will only, match your vibration. So think, act, feel, be and VIBRATE that which you want to be NOW, that way the universe matches your vibration and brings into manifestation what you want.

What you think will determine how you feel, and what you feel will determine what impression is made on the subconscious and what vibration is ‘sent out’ to the universe, and that impression and vibration will determine what is created and bought forth into expression, in your outer reality.

To read more about the conscious and subconscious mind, click here.


So do not approach your suffering with fear, anger, resentment etc… Instead remember it is all a part of the flow of life. We all suffer, we must in order to survive! Do not be a victim of circumstance, yes we are unavoidably influenced by our surroundings, however the sort of person we choose to become is the result of an inner choice, not the environment and its influences alone. How long you suffer, is your choice.

We forget that often it is these exceptionally challenging external situations, that gives us the opportunity to grow enormously and abundantly beyond oneself internally.

So, you have not, nor cannot lose your inner peace 🙂 You just have to simply remind yourself, you already ARE at peace…

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” – Barbara Marciniak


Lexi xx

8 thoughts on ““I am deep in suffering and in pain… I have lost my inner peace.”

  1. Hi Lexi, great article! I can see you touched on meditation as a tool to become more present, and live more in the now. I find Meditation to be incredibly rewarding, and I think more people need to hear about the benefits! Can I ask, what positive affects has meditation had on your life?




    • Hi Paul!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article and leave your feedback! 🙂 I agree, meditation is deeply rewarding, and I think more rewarding then we think. The affects meditation has has on my life is a challenging one to language. It’s like asking someone to explain how it feels to ride a bike, to someone who has never been on a bike before. However, the easily noticeable affects would be certainly be an increase in creativity, razor sharp focus, feeling of inner peace… Coincidences and synchronisities are a daily occurrence, speed of manifestation quickens, clarity in direction and purpose. I heal faster, both on myself and others… The list, actually, could go on forever. 🙂 There is nothing in my life that wasn’t positively affected by meditating. Hope that answers your question Paul! Love and blessings to you brother 🙂 X


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